Diane’s Blog is Back!

Reflections of 2017

Hello to all of my followers. I want to tell you about this last year at Easterseals Capper Foundation.  A lot has changed. My friend Amber found a new job but we still keep in touch. I am still working at the Capper Creations Gift Shop, where I SELL SELL SELL!! My mom was sick for a while but is doing much better now and I even got to see her and some family a few times this year. Mary and I continue to get our steps in every day and sometimes we have other people join us too! I have a new walking cane and her name is June, like on Leave it to Beaver. I had to retire Reta.

Some of my favorite times this past year included singing in the Capper Choir, where I had a few solo’s and a few duets! I also had a great time at the summer cook outs at Capper.  I also like that Capper Creations Gift Shop does the First Friday Art Walks every month. It keeps me busy!

I am looking forward to 2018 and blogging with Nikki. It has been way too long and now I can hear more Ricky Nelson! Stay tuned this year to hear more about me! Oh and Nikki told me that my FAVORITE Capper event is back this year, Blarney Breakfast! I hope to see you all there on March 17th. If you want more information call Capper or to get your tickets at #blarneysback

Look for my blog next Friday because Nikki and I will be doing some music trivia!

This is Diane signing off . . .



Diane’s View of The World of Easter Seals Capper Foundation

April, 2014

Building Abilities

One of Diane’s favorite tasks is to shred. Being blind doesn’t prevent Diane from attending work, shredding, or having fun with her friends at Capper.

Hello! My name is Diane. I was born blind. To know me is to love me! I attend the Day Services program at Easter Seals Capper Foundation and love to come here! I have many friends. I hope you will follow me as I share a little more about myself, my likes, what it is about me that makes people smile, and the activities that my friends and I are involved in at Capper. You might call it my view of world. Have a great day and welcome to my blog! Check out her video message!